Articles and technical information

Articles and technical information

The paragraphs below contain previews of articles dealing with and also comparing technologies used in information systems designed for public transportation.

A new generation complex information system for public transportation

Obr. č.1: Princip komplexního dopravního informačního systému pro MHD.Providing intelligent and fast transportation for the public is an inevitable issue in all bigger cities. A look at the current state of public transportation systems in the Czech Republic reveals that they often consist of a number of heterogeneous parts. Transportation companies often have to deal with the fact that on-board computers are supplied by first company, control systems for vehicle information tableaus by second, check-in devices by third, dispatching by  fourth and radio network by fifth. A transportation company is a customer and it has a right to demand that all the system components work properly and it is not supposed to act as a “judge”  among the many suppliers and investigate what produced by whom works and what does not … more

Three SIM cards for data transfers in one vehicle

Obr. č.1: Uspořádání vnějších komunikací vozidla přes GSM/GPRS/UMTS síť.Is it necessary to use up to three SIM cards for data transfers in public transportation vehicles or is one SIM card enough? This article deals with the solution of this problem and with connections with a complex public transportation information system and also with the way of interconnecting these systems (dispatching, depots, stops, vehicles, passengers, and transportation technologies for the transportation itself). The article also describes individual types of communication and technology … more

Comparison of LCD displays and LED panels

The working principles of Information display technologies using a matrix of LED (Light-Emitting Diode) diodes and LCD displays (Liquid-Crystal Display) are very different. Both technologies have both advantages and disadvantages when used in the same conditions, especially outdoors … more

Low input power LED panels with extended lifespan

There are various renditions of panels using a LED (Light-Emitting Diode) diode matrix and these panels can have different consumption while illumination is the same. LED panels supplied by our company (stop or vehicle panels) are designed as low input power and are based on the principle of diode voltage regulation which saves significant amounts of energy … more

Project „Beer tram“

Our company took part in the realization of the “Beer tram” project organized by DPMB plc.. We supplied the inner audio/video system for this special tram. The system consists of a modified EPIS 4.0A on-board computer, three  LCD displays for passengers – VCS 185A, the  ECU-8P ethernet switch  and other components. We developed a new control program both for the on-board computer – an application controlling audiovisual programs – and for the passenger LCD displays. The system of the multimedia player is specific because of a new way of synchronizing playing of films on individual LCD displays… more