Combined color LED stop panels

Combined color LED stop panels (text)

These panels are designed for situations when it is necessary to use colors to distinguish individual types of transportation, e.g. municipal public transportation labeled red, regional public transportation  yellow and trains  white. Trains are labeled white because they are displayed on a separate part of the display – this part has only one color – white.

Multicolor text electronic information panels of the ELP 45x series display colored text, number and semi graphic information. The panels include additional LED displays displaying time/date. The text panel displays consist of double high illumination diodes that allow 3 colors – red, yellow and orange, or red, green and orange. In the case of a combined panel the line on the bottom of the panel (trains) is displayed using a different color – in this case white.

ELP 45x  multicolor text combined LED panels can be controlled using Ethernet interface, WiFi, GPRS/UMTS or RS 485, and optical fibers. The ELP CCU 1x panel control unit (integrates an industrial PC) can control multiple panels at the same time or it can be included in every panel (depending on the position in a transportation terminal) and it communicates with individual panels using a communication protocol. The parameters of the panels can be remotely or locally configured.

Properties of the ELP 45x information panel
Anchor type:
  • on a wall – back anchor
  • on two columns – side anchor
Active LED surface

Total of 100 x 240 LED divided into two fields:

  • 80 × 240 points – possibility of choosing green or red depending on the type of transportation
  • 20 x 240 points – white – for trains
LED color
  • Combined –  (R/Y) –R/G also possible (depending on agreement)
  • Independent – (W) – also possible with another color not employed on the top line
LED spacing 8 mm between LED diodes, 40 mm between lines
LED brightness regulation YES – illumination sensor
Temperature measuring YES – measuring temperature inside the panel
Communication abilities
  • Ethernet
  • Optics (on a request)
  • Wi-Fi 2,4GHz – 802.11b/g/n | 5,8 GHz – 802.11a/n
Command receiver for the vision impaired YES – built-in EPNEV 1.22 receiver
Acoustic component Integrated 15 W speaker – waterproof
Operating temperature from -30°C to +45°C
Relative humidity 10 % to 95 % at 40°C, non-condensation
Power supply voltage 230V AC
Average power input 200W
Maximum power input 1000 W at full diode illumination