Single-faced LCD panel – 18,5″

Front inner single-faced LCD panel for passengers – VCS-185A

Vehicle passenger display units belonging to the VCS 185A series based on LCD displays are designed primarily to be installed in the front of a public transportation vehicle and to serve as an inner information system for passengers.  They are produced in a single-faced version VCS 185A and also in a  double-faced version of the LCD panel VCS 185B.

Widescreen LCD displays (W type) with 1366×768 resolution and 16:9 side ratio are used as display units. This LCD panel can be controlled using all types of busbar, Ethernet, RS 485, IBIS. We recommend using Ethernet since it is fast and easy to use.  If the IBIS slow communication busbar (1200 bit/s) is used the inner LCD display basically replaces inner LED panels, e.g. VLP 20×120.  If a slower busbar type (IBIS or RS 485) is used it is possible to load the contents of the LCD panel manually using a USB Flash (automatic update in a few seconds).

Automatic remote data updates can be performed e.g. with the help of our  EPIS 4.0x on-board computers or   EPIS 5 FC on-board computers and the RADON depot management SW (a part of the SPRINTER SW).

Our company supplies a specialized SW called CityScreenInfo that can be used to create scripts (for individual stretches) for LCD panels. The software has a graphic user interface that allows the user to create and manage scripts for CityCsreen LCD panels in a quick and easy fashion.

Pic. no.1: Inner single-faced LCD panel VCS 185.

Pic. no.1: Inner single-faced LCD panel VCS 185.

Parameters of the VCS 185-A-(I/R/E)-(H) single-faced LCD panel
Diagonal of the screen of the LCD display 18,5″, type W – widescreen – ratio 16:9
Active surface of the LCD display 409 x 230 mm
Native screen resolution 1366 x 768 px
Maximum brightness (standard version) Up to 350 cd/m2
Maximum brightness (version with increased display brightness: type H ) from 700 cd/m2
Response time 5 ms
Number of displayable colors 16,7 M (8 bits per one color)
Display illumination type LED
Energy consumption (max)

Up to 24 W (LCD-standard) also the control PC),

up to 50W (LCD-increased brightness) also the control PC

HW picture decoding:
  • MPEG 2
  • MPEG-4 ASP (DivX), MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
  • H.263 (MPEG-4 short-video header variant)
  • Windows Media Video 9
processor  of the CSU  unit Intel Atom (Tunnel Creek) E640 @1GHz
Control computer memory micro SD – 8GB, DDR2 – 1GB
Busbar connection possibilities:
  • type E - 100 Mbit (RJ-45)(other types also possible)
  • type R - RS 485 (usual speed 115 kbit/s)
  • type I - IBIS (standard speed 1200 bit/s)
Weight of the unit VCS 185A-Wx 5,8 kg (color according to a request)
outer measurements (h x l x w) 490 x 285 x 63,5 mm
Operation temperature of the unit from -30°C to +80°C
Operation temperature of the LCD display from 0°C to +60°C (we are preparing a version from -20°C)
Storage temperature of the LCD display -30°C up to +60°C

It is possible to order the following widescreen single-faced inner LCD panels:

Order code Product name PRICE
72385.VCS185-A-E Inner single-faced LCD panel 18,5″, Ethernet 819 €
72385.VCS185-A-R Inner single-faced LCD panel 18,5″, RS 485 819 €
72385.VCS185-A-I Inner single-faced LCD panel 18,5″, IBIS 819 €
Inner panels with increased display brightness
72385.VCS185-A-E-H Inner single-faced LCD panel 18,5″, Ethernet, increased display brightness 899 €
72385.VCS185-A-R-H Inner single-faced LCD panel 18,5″, RS 485, increased display brightness 899 €
72385.VCS185-A-I-H Inner single-faced LCD panel 18,5″, IBIS, increased display brightness 899 €