75 signs with e-paper

Project 75x sign with e-paper

Označník PTS s e-papírem

In the realization of the contract “ČSAD Autobusy České Budějovice a.s.- telematics in public transport”, we delivered 75 stop signs of the new type PTS_E13S (public transport stop), which includes a complete mechanical solution of the sign including a design trash bin with sufficient display area for paper timetables, a solar panel placed above the sign and a new type of control electronics, whose new solution again reduces consumption and thus “extends” the lifetime without the presence of the sun. The sign also incorporates a new e-paper display solution, which allows an extended temperature range for its functionality. The signs have been delivered and manufactured despite a difficult semiconductor crisis and in particular control processors. The signs are controlled by the new dispatcher software Transportella and its module for controlling the stop panels. The project was a technological follow-up to the delivery of 25 pieces of e-paper signs delivered to Říčany u Prahy.

Solution of mechanical construction

OZNACNIK CSAD v02_oThe PTS stop sign (new type and designation) is an abbreviation of Public Transport Stop. The reason we have proceeded to its separate marking is that the original marking is no longer sufficient and the mechanical part of the sign can carry various other information parts – LED panels, LCD panels, E-paper solutions or it can be delivered only separately. It usually carries basic information about the name of the stop and the public transport lines that use the stop. It is a distinctive identification element that must be clearly visible from the surroundings of the stop and forms a visual contrast with other elements of the furniture and street space.

The basic characteristics of a stop sign are:

  •  stop frame – steel structure hot-dip galvanized with powder-coated paint (in our case RAL 7021). The sign frame is equipped with a bolt for connection to the grounding of the foundation. The height of the sign is 337 cm x 42 cm wide and 8 cm deep. The paint is suitable against spray paint.
  • Bus stop electronics – includes a new type of NIP (Low Energy Information Panel), which is now part of the mechanical structure and contains all the necessary electronics including antenna assemblies.
  • Solar KIT – a solar panel assembly to convert light energy into electrical energy and store this energy to provide a constant power supply for the sign with all necessary equipment (suitable dimensions are 650 x 500mm) to power the system up to 45W. The panel can be rotated around the vertical axis to optimize energy reception (see article on solar energy use in transport).
  • The batteries of the solar kit guarantee continuous operation of the NIP – from 14 days to many months, depending on their size and depending on the required operation. Up to a size of 10 Ah is integrated into the NIP, i.e. also in this case.
  • The space for the line numbers and other basic information about the stop is placed on top of the signboard using an exterior self-adhesive film.
  • Traffic sign – contains the stop marking on one side in the direction of travel (traffic sign IJ 4a).
  • space for paper timetables – display cabinets on the sign (information space) are located at a height of 1.1m – 1.8m. It consists of double-sided signboards, allowing for the foldable placement of 2x 210 mm paper timetables at the front and 3x 210 mm at the rear (the sticker is thus also possible on the rear part of the NIP cover) and is thus also suitable for junctions with a larger number of connections.
  • The low-energy information panel – NIP – 13.3″ LCD e-paper type is placed “standing up” in a special box and contains a non-contact and illuminated button for illuminating it in the dark at night. The panel has antiglare glass on the front for increased readability.
  • Waste bin – its material and colour design is identical to the frame of the bus stop. It has protection against the ingress of precipitation and trouble-free emptying. The bin door is lockable.
  • Anchorage of the sign- the anchorage element is set flush with the surrounding terrain and is made of a concrete foundation with four anchor bolts of M14 size with a bolt spacing of 360 x 200 mm and an active bolt length of at least 30 mm above the surface for attaching the sign.

Označník s elektronickým papírem a napájením ze solárních panelů umístíte snadno opravdu všude - realizace 75 označníků PTS v jižních Čechách.

Low energy panel – NIP 13,3″

The NIP solution complements and further develops the portfolio of e-paper markers. The basic parameters of the NIP low-energy information panel are:

  •  13.3″ diagonal e-paper display area (standing)
  •  The resolution of the supplied LCD e-paper type is 1600 x 1200 px
  •  Color display: monochrome with 16 grayscale
  •  Operating temperature from -15°C to +60°C
  •  Information is readable without restriction in direct sunlight – anti-reflective glass on NIP cover
  •  Enabling the backlight of the e-paper display area for night mode is either by setting according to the manual mode from the control panel (according to the time frame in the configuration) or according to the automatic light intensity around the panel (using a light sensor)
  •  Manual start of lighting by a contactless button located on the lower NIP area (in darkness the button is indicated by a green backlight). The button is switched on for 10 seconds (user adjustable illumination time)
  •  GSM modem in 4G/LTE standard
  •  The NIP has a permanent memory with sufficient capacity to store templates, fonts, timetables of the stop and any text or graphic information, the memory storage must meet the requirements for “industrial operation”
  •  Include temperature sensors for measuring temperatures (internal and external) with an accuracy of better than +/- 1°C
  •  The integrated command receiver shall meet the standards set by the relevant legislation, the response distance to the command from the blind transmitter shall be at least 5 m in an undisturbed environment,
  •  The integrated digital annunciator includes a waterproof 10W loudspeaker for passenger information.