EVK 5.1 – validator

EVK 5.1x validator series

Validátor EVK 5.1

EVK 5.1 validators are designed for reading (or writing) contactless proprietary chip cards (Mifare and Mifare Desfire standard) and possibly also bank cards depending on the necessary reader. The validator also allows reading QR codes, including printing on the media with the QR code. The validator meets the requirements for similar systems including mechanical resistance and is equipped with a very powerful ARM processor with Linux OS.

The validator can operate independently, with one of them being the “main” validator (providing the system functionality) or it can be coupled with an EPIS 5.0x on-board computer, which can be a “simulator” of its operation, i.e. it can show to the driver what is happening on the validator or their control unit (in this case it can also be EPIS 4.0x for MHD).

Another great advantage is the power supply method – the validator can be powered using only 4 wires of the Ethernet bus using PoE according to IEEE 802.3 at or af, which greatly simplifies the installation of the system – only 4 wires are connected (power supply e.g. using a switch type ECU 08LMT or ECU 08L.+7T).

Another advantage is the HW addressing of the validators in the connector – i.e. when it is replaced, the validator configures itself to the required function according to the HW key.

Basic features of the EVK 5.1x validator

The basic features of the validator are:

  • Vehicle on-board network voltage 16-32V or according to IEEE 802.3 at or af or using passive PoE – all via a “docking  connector”,
  • low power consumption of up to 10W – this low power consumption allows it to be directly connected to the ECU-08PO Ethernet switch for passive PoE or the ECU 08L+7T for PoE at and therefore no parallel power wires are required,
  • 7.0″ IPS touch screen with durable touch surface, LCD resolution 800 x 480 pixels, WVGA widescreen format, luminance 500cd/m2, lifetime 50000h (LED backlight), operating temperature from -35C to +85C, color count 262k/16.7 mil, power consumption 3W,
  • Mifare card reader including Mifare Desfire, or bank cards – on request,
    4 slots for SAM modules (2 are fitted as standard),
  • remote software update via on-board computer EPIS 4.0X or EPIS 5.0X – the validator can act as a peripheral unit of the on-board computer or can be operated independently,
    possibility of acoustic announcements or signal tones to the passenger being checked in (includes 5W amplifier),
  • QR code reader underneath the validator with illumination and aiming beam,
  • communication via Ethernet bus with PoE power supply,
    multi-language support for graphical environment,
  • easy installation in the vehicle (one 4 or 8 wire Ethernet cable) – docking connector.

We have developed our own contactless card for the validator, which can also be used for electronic wallet and other standard card services.

EVK 5.1Q70DT validator parameters

Dimensions (w × h × d) 135 × 310 × 69 mm
LCD Features 7″ portrait size, 800 × 480 pixels (WVGA), operating temperature from -35°C to +85°C
LCD backlight lifetime 50 tis. hours, LED backlight type, luminance 500 cd/m2,
LCD light control Automatic by photosensor, manual or remote
Touch layer type Capacitive, up to 5 touches simultaneously
Supported card types Mifare, Mifare Desfire, bank EMV
Printer not used (type EVK 5.0 with printer or upcoming EVK 5.2 with marker required)
QR code reader YES – reading from the bottom of the validator
SAM moduls YES– 2 (expandable to 4 slots)
Control unit type
  •     dual-core ARM processor with 1 GB of RAM and an 8 GB – SD card,
  •     LINUX OS
Acoustic signalling to passengers YES – 5 W amplifier
Data interface Fast Ethernet – 100 Mbit/s
Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Relative humidity 10 % až 95 % při 40°C, nekondenzující
  • on-board network 16-32 V
  • PoE 802.3at or af
  • Passive PoE on unused UTP wires
Weight 2,3 Kg
Consumption in idle mode max 10 W
Degree of cover IP33 (IEC 60529)
Mechanical resistance IK08 (IEC 62262)

Mechanical dimensions

The basic mechanical dimensions are.

Mechanické rozměry validátoru EVK 5.1xx.

Mechanical dimensions of the EVK 5.1xx validator..