Combination LED signs with e-paper

Combined LED and e-paper signs

ELP916 - a combination of a 6 line low power LED marker and an e-paper display of information and timetables with scrolling.

ELP916 – a combination of a 6 line low power LED sign and an e-paper display of information and timetables with scrolling.

The combined panels designed for digital PTS (Public Transport Stop) signs integrate the features of a stop sign with LEDs for displaying current information and a low-profile display based on e-paper (e-ink) technology. The sign thus enables the display of current departures and delays on an LED surface readable from a distance of 10 to 15 metres and the display of standard timetables or other traffic information on e-paper below the display, with the possibility of flipping through the individual pages stored in the digital sign memory. These timetables can be changed remotely from the dispatcher’s workstation (SW Transportella), eliminating the need to go around the stops to change paper timetables when they are changed.

New in our production is a type of digital stop integrated sign PTS_E13L40x120R3,8_V2X, which contains an integrated panel ELP 91x-x0R120-E13-LVGN, and which is shown in the adjacent picture, and which can display up to 6 lines.

The operating temperature of the sign is from -20 degrees – due to the heating of the third generation e-paper type LCD display with increased heat resistance.

PTS digital signs with ELP 91x combination panels

Vizualizace označníku

The PTS digital sign with combined information panel ELP 914-40R120-E13-LVGN or ELP 916-60R120-E13-LVGN has the following functions (the number of lines on the LED part can be selected):

LED panel part:

  •  Replaces a standard LED panel with 2-6 rows and 120 columns (ELP 912 to ELP 916) – 3.8 mm pitch,
  •  it is a low power LED design – in text mode at full light it consumes 11W for 6 rows, in night mode 3W,
  •  contains a separate field for displaying date and time (or temperature),
  •  has automatic LED brightness control,
  •  high contrast LED – uses black LEDs.

Part of the e-paper display:

  • 13.3″ LCD e-paper display, landscape orientation
  • Ability to store 10 or more display pages including 3 control buttons for flipping between pages (default page, forward, backward)
  • possibility to turn on the backlight at night – calls up the passenger by pressing a button
  • Integrated e-paper heating for fast redrawing in winter months
  • 1600 x 1200 resolution and up to 16 grayscale.

The communication part:

  • LTE communication with the dispatcher (SW Transportella) in “mobile” mode – i.e. low power mode with minimal LTE modem consumption,
  • communication and reporting for the blind – includes a command receiver with enhanced interference immunity EPNEV 1.x4
  • GPS for time synchronization and panel location identification (optional)
  • V2X unit for communication to identify vehicles stopping at a stop (optional)
  • Public WiFi (optional).

Power supply:

  • Depending on design – permanent, from public lighting or from solar panels (limited use)
  • Charger for LIFEPO4 battery (when powered by public lighting or solar panels)
  • LIFEPO4 battery with capacity for several days of operation (depending on equipment)
  • Option to temper the batteries when charging from public lighting in winter (charging will not be switched on until the battery is at a suitable temperature for charging to maximise its lifetime)
  • New unit for comprehensive battery monitoring including charging – BMS 03 (Battery Management System)

Other parameters:

  • Shock sensor with shock level adjustment for reporting to the control room
  • Sensors for panel or panel box opening (up to 3 contact monitoring) with reporting to dispatch
  • 10W speaker for audible announcements for the blind or from dispatch using data services only (does not need voice services)
  • Antiglare glass to prevent reflections from surroundings
  • Automatic switching of the “sign  head” illumination during night hours.